RECREO’s mission is to help tackle global issues through consumer products. Our 9 core missions are as follows:


Our increased carbon footprint is a critical reason for Climate Change. It increases global temperatures, thereby changing entire ecosystems. RECREO is committed to working towards achieving carbon neutrality in all activities associated with our product offerings.


We live in a world with scarce resources that are being strained at record levels in order to try and keep pace with our lives. At the end of our use for these products, we dispose of them. However, what many may perceive as waste can be reused to make new products by breaking down the product to its core peripherals. Thereby increasing the longevity of any given resource. RECREO's focus would be to provide quality products to its consumers made from sustainable or recycled resources and establish a network in the future where consumers can recycle these products at the end of their use.


Climate Change is the disturbance in the chemistry of the Earth's biosphere. It causes extreme weather and catastrophic natural disasters. It affects millions of lives across the globe. The damages so far are in the hundreds of billions of dollars. The Earth is our home, and it is literally on fire, being flooded and destroyed bit by bit. We aim to take Climate Action by moving towards carbon neutrality and waste reduction in our product offerings. Moreover, a few of our product offerings support projects to reverse the impact of Climate Change.


The world works in a delicate balance. Our production and consumption practices have disrupted that balance and have resulted in many of the issues we face today. Over-extraction of resources has led to damages to biodiversity and natural resources. Thereby changing entire ecosystems. In the long term, this can lead to the extinction of many species that work in tandem to keep the world balanced. Ethical sourcing of raw materials can help mitigate over-extraction and restoration projects backed by the proceeds of some of our product offerings can help restore ecosystems.


Equality is the core of RECREO. It is the 21st century, and we live in an interconnected world. Equality means having access to the same opportunities and resources no matter who you are. We are all humans. We are one being, and we share one world. By this, we mean advocating for Gender Equality, funding Marginalized Communities, promoting Community Engagement, providing access to Clean Energy, Quality Education, moving towards Poverty Reduction, Zero Hunger and Equal Opportunity.


For all our product offerings, we aim to work towards implementing highly sustainable practices across our supply chain and partnerships. Our priority would be to offer products made from sustainable and ethically sourced materials that use less energy and water for production. Thereby lowering the carbon footprint, ensuring cleaner production and reducing waste. Fair-trade wages and marginalized community engagement will be an essential factor in deciding our product offerings. We promise to be transparent in our process and provide the relevant information needed by a consumer to make a conscious decision.


There is a reason why we are looking for water on Mars. Water is the source of life. Without water, there is no ecosystem, no plants, no animals, no us! Only 3% of the Earth's water is usable. Moreover, 11% of the world's population (790 million people) do not have access to an adequate water supply. Water is a scarce resource. Conserving water in our production, reducing water pollution and providing clean water to marginalized communities is extremely important to us.


We are moving towards the 6th extinction event in Earth's history. Many species on land and water are endangered. While exact estimates are hard to determine, preservation of wildlife is necessary to maintain the Circle of Life. Certain species are below their natural levels, wholly due to human actions. This threat to biodiversity and ecosystems amplifies resource scarcity and Climate Change. RECREO plans to offer speciality products focused on preserving wildlife and protecting endangered species.


RECREO aims to eliminate waste in its production and packaging by exploring recyclable and biodegradable solutions. For example, plastic does not degrade. It pollutes the environment and has been a significant contributor towards a depleting marine life. RECREO commits to limit the use of plastic across its supply chain and provide consumers with alternatives for single-use plastic. Moreover, there are existing resources considered as waste. We aim to offer product lines that reuse these resources to reduce waste in our environment.

As the needs of the world will change so will our Missions.